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A crystal sound bath is a form of relaxation and gentle meditation where you lie on a comfortable mat, close your eyes, and drift into a state of rest, while beautiful sound bowls are played around you. The tones from the crystal bowls, are often described as angelic and ethereal and produce a soothing chime and soft vibration that reenergizes the body.

At Moon and Sage Sound, we curate beautiful and unique crystal alchemy sound baths to create intentional communities of love, connection, self-growth and self-healing.

Thank you for allowing us to partner with you, on your journey,

With love,
Master Crystal Alchemy Sound bowl artist + Sound Healer
Graduate, Sound Healers Academy
Creator, The Untamed Sacred Soul Compass, Life Artistry Coaching
200 HR certified yoga teacher + author, yoga therapy certification
Certified Ayurvedic facial practitioner
Raw food chef, trained in Bali
Founder, Academy of Culinary Medicine + > 20yrs graduate medical

Meet Amelia
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